Day 1

13.5 hours and 756 miles…  I’ve already learned several things; One, there’s a lot more people living in rural areas than I actually thought. Two, I’m grateful for music and cruise control, even though I went the entire day without either one. Third, I won’t use electronic devices while driving…

I literally drove for 12 hours and had my phone in airplane mode so I had no distractions, just time, beautiful landscapes and thoughts.  Around 7:00pm I decided I would call a couple hotels to see if there were availabilities and check pricing.  No more than 3 mins with my phone off airplane mode and flashing red and blue lights pounded my mirrors.  I quickly pulled over to let the police officer pass and to my surprise, he pulled over right behind me.  After waiting for 2-3 mins (felt like 10) The officer approached and let me know it was illegal to drive AND use an electronic devise. (As it should be) “Yes, I’m guilty and I deserve to pay for it.”  I didn’t know it would be $167 Canadian!  So really it’s only like $60 American… 😉

Well, I decided to call it a day.  I’m resting at the Sunshine Inn located in Burns Lake, BC.  I’ve driven many miles and hour upon hours in the past, but my butt has never been this SOAR!!! I should probably get out and move more.  I think I’ll take my time tomorrow and I’ll for sure stay off the phone.

I hope you’re well!

Miss you all already!!


2 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. I can imagine passing you while you were pulled over and saying “taking one for the team” 🙂

    Tom Truong, PCC Certified Professional Coach Life, Leadership, and Teams “Be a Champion, Be EPIC”

    Phone: 425-343-5696



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