Day 2

I made it to the Yukon Territory. Internet is horrible here. I had a great day! Got some footage of bears, fox, moose and wild buffalo. What a day! So beautiful! I drove at least 5 hrs or more and didn’t see a single house. Thank goodness I brought some extra gas cans, had to fill up twice. Here’s a pic from the sign post forest here in Watson Lake. It was literally the first sign I saw! I’ll be back on the road again tomorrow. I’ll see if I can find a place that actually has Internet. Using phone to post. Until then…


One thought on “Day 2

  1. Your official first sign reminding you how far you have go e thus far! Wow brother!

    Tom Truong, PCC Certified Professional Coach Life, Leadership, and Teams “Be a Champion, Be EPIC”

    Phone: 425-343-5696



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