Day 4

Well, I made it. I picked up a few necessities in Anchorage and I’m done driving for a while. I decided that tomorrow is going to be a day to chill and hopefully not get in my truck at all.  I decided to look for a remote cabin near the mountains and boy did I find one! I thought I’d stay the night, the day tomorrow and tomorrow night… Once I set foot on the 20 acres and saw the view and this wonderful cabin, a couple nights turned into a week! It’s a stunning place, fit perfectly for me. The price is right and it even comes with a fire pit and a full size deer archery target! Nestled in the woods and surrounded by nothing but trees and snow capped mtns, it’s a perfect way to start my escape into Alaska.

Ive found temperatures are lethal here. I thought I could find warmer weather but apparently Alaska never gets warm. They have 3 seasons, July, August and winter. No wonder I haven’t been able to find a single leaf anywhere.

Ive found the locals to be very helpful. I even had the guy in charge of camping at Bass Pro Shop walk me around the store making sure I was prepared for “the bush.” That’s what it’s called here. He even gave me the name and number for a helicopter evacuation company. Then gave me his cell and said to call him if I need anything. “I know a lot of people in a lot of different areas who know a lot more people. If there’s anything I can do to help, call me. We have a spare bedroom too and you can stay with us anytime.” Wow… This is too good to be true. I hesitated to take his number, then thought, “Why not?”

I’ve found locals have much better insight than random people online. A gentleman shopping on the aisle over heard me talking and came over to offer some insight as well. So helpful and they all love the wild. Strangers aren’t strangers here, just another woodsman. The host of this cabin is a long time Alaskan and loves the outdoors. He said we’ll sit down for dinner one night and he’ll “set me straight.” He has a lot of stories and great places to hunt and fish. Grizzly bear season is open until May 31st. I’m planning on trying to take one down with my bow. Black bear season is open year round in most parts and you can shoot 5 a year. In certain areas you can also shoot 10 wolves a day. Predators are the king of the woods here. They kill more moose, caribou and deer/elk than one can imagine.

I’ll spend some time researching and planning my remaining time here. I’ll also do some writing and reading. The start of a new era of Alaska.

It’s time…

3 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. Man oh Man! I can only imagine that it is beyond what you imagined! 🙂 Just checking to ensure you are getting my responses! I want to make sure you know I am reading, following, and sharing it with Emily and 2OT! Love you brother! Tom



  2. Good on you Brother! Glad you found a killer place to call home for a week! Enjoy your time and I look forward to hearing about the experiences. However a grizzly with your bow?!?!?! Crazy!!!!!


  3. Pics of the cabin!? I spread some compost today and Now at lacrosse. Pick up Audrey from dance at 8:30. I think I’ll pick her up some Panera….. lets put it this way I won’t start a blog. Love that you have this. Keep it up kid.


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