The Cabin

Due to high demand, I’m posting pics of the “cabin.” That’s what the family here calls it. You see why 2 nights turned into a week. When I pulled up and went inside I about fainted. They gave me a weekly rate which was very good! Basically 2 nights stay anywhere else. They also cook dinner every night and invited me over so I think I may join them this evening.

I offered to do some tree cutting, since I have my new chainsaw 🙂 and they were excited. I don’t think they know what they’re in for. Maybe we can trade some man/saw hours for a few nights… It seems people are quick to trade but I’m not looking for any favors. I have a feeling this could be a great place to come back to.

Talk about awesome… No cars, noise, people, nothing! Just how I like it. I did see my first mosquitos. It was early in the day, still cold. It was about 37 around 8am. Not sure how the little pests survive the cold but thank God for wind!! Sends the mosquitos away. I have a feeling I’ll be using this line often…

“Could use a little wind here!”

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