Good times in Butte, AK

Once again, another experience that makes me want to move here and this is at 9pm. Last night there was still some light at midnight. I’m trying to keep in mind we still have a couple months until summer solstice. That’s going to be weird, 24 hours of light?! Thank God for day naps 🙂

This moose was in the driveway when I came home. Always meat hanging around… 😉

There’s so many beautiful places here in Alaska, it’s hard to find a perfect spot to film. I’m going to have days of footage when I return to the lower 48, or should I say IF I return. Everyday I find it more and more appealing. If it wasn’t so cold all the time I wouldn’t think twice. This would be my new home. Maybe this is a good spot to buy property now so when Global Warming really kicks in I’m ahead of the game…

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