Well, it’s freezing cold at night… Literally. I have a new chainsaw but when you’re this high if you can find trees, they aren’t tall. You can only cut trees on the ground and outside the park. I did, but since it snows here 8 months out of the year, they’ve been soaking for quite some time. To say the least. Night seem long. I’m up most of the night and get 3-5 hrs of sleep max. It better to take a nap in the warmer daylight hours and stay up while it’s cold. Almost like the animals here. 

I’m not going to post a lot, I don’t have a whole lot of time and cell/internet is bare to none. I’ll probably be here for a bit. It might be my favorite part of Alaska. My first encounter was with a mom grizzly and two cubs. I watched them for about 30 mins. The cubs love to wrestle. And as you watch the videos, you’ll see what mama does, cub does. Love these bears! Here they’re about 10 miles from my tent but I saw them again today… 3 miles from my tent. Not sure if they’re the ones setting off my truck alarm at night. Good thing the foods in there and not my tent or is be sounding the best alarm…

 The park is open to public but the dirt road only goes in 30 miles. They will close down the road on May 19th and the only way in, is on a bus. Speaking of buses…I got to curse the stupid bus that brought me here. Literally, The old Denali tour bus from Into the Wild, still one of my favorite movies. It’s not the actual bus Alexander lived in, but it is the one from Sean Penn’s film. The actual bus is only about 30 mins from here. Hard to get to. So many amazing stories and people, I will have enough stories and footage for a marathon binge Alaska Adventure…  Wish I had more time to write, hoping to be able to sit and write soon. Trying to take it all in… 

I’ll see you a little farther up the creek…

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