The Arctic Ocean


After nearly 500  Miles on mostly dirt roads, I’ve made it to northern, North America . I passed the Arctic Circle this morning and I’m pretty sure this is farthest north I’ve ever been. Sorry Sweden, it’s been real… Pretty sure it’s not going to get dark tonight, but I won’t know because I’m exhausted. Saw Musk Ox and a fox on the drive, of course a moose and hundreds of caribou. A slow going drive in the middle of no where but also one of the coolest roads I’ve ever been on. It might only be second to the road from Erfoud Morocco to Marrakech through the High Atlas Mountains.   Can’t wait to share some videos. I’ll only be here for 1 night so back on the road tomorrow. Not sure I’ll make the entire drive again in 1 day. Might pull over and camp or sleep in my truck somewhere. I hope you’re all well!

I’ll see you a little farther up the creek…


2 thoughts on “The Arctic Ocean

  1. What an adventure we can’t get the videos to play on our computer I still want to know what your next step was to get away from that grizzly. Dad is getting the laptop to see if we can see the videos. Glad you are safe what is and when is your next adventure? How is Fairbanks? Hope you are sleeping. Love Mom


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