Fun in Fairbanks


Well I met up with a long time friend of the family here in Fairbanks. And although we haven’t kept in touch, he welcomed me with open arms. Ken “Kenny” Rodriguez lives here in Fairbanks so I gave him a call. After not having any communication between us in more than 20 years, his first question was, “you wanna fly this afternoon?” Fly?! Are you kidding me?! Uh… YES! So he flew me out to an old hunting lodge/resort that’s been shut down for 10 years. What a place! Dozens of cabins, a theater, a dining hall that’s absolutely beautiful, horse stalls, you name it. A massive spread with the finest of details, sitting right on a river nestled high in the mountains. Unreal!

We ended up having dinner at his house later and had a blast. He has 3 horses, a mini donkey and 7 baby fainting goats (several chickens too). A stunning view from their giant log home. And come to find out, his wife is Dr. Dee Alaska Vet on Animal Planet. I had no idea… No wonder they have such a cool farm. A great evening with great people. I must say, I’ve really enjoyed it here in Fairbanks. I can’t wait for the next flight…


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