The real Fairbanks

imageWell once again I had a rare opportunity to see what Fairbanks really has to offer. I don’t know how you live here and not own an airboat. So much lands covered in water you’d be missing out on most of the Alaska I’ve grown to love! I’ve tried to download videos and for some reason they’re not working. I’ll keep trying because some of the footage is amazing! It was a perfect day for it! 80 degrees at 9pm when I called it a day. I’m beginning to like Fairbanks more and more and I think it may be just the right size for me…





2 thoughts on “The real Fairbanks

  1. Wow! I love hearing about the great perspectives of the land, people, and spirit Alaska is offering you my friend! Prayers and love to you!

    Tom Truong, PCC Certified Professional Coach Life, Leadership, and Teams “Be a Champion, Be EPIC”

    Phone: 425-343-5696



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