Love this Life

Not sure how to explain it… Life. I’ve seen and experienced a lot in my life. I’ve met and made some great friends and I’m forever grateful for that. I’ve been in Alaska for 5 weeks now and seen many places a lot of locals have never seen or experienced. What I know for sure is it’s been a while since I’ve met so many amazingly welcoming people. As I mentioned before, “there are no stranger here.” It’s better said that “We’re all family.” I hope that one day you can all experience the love and compassion the Alaskans have for people. I’m feeling like I could call this place Alaska home. 

Thank you Mr. Seth Ellis for flying to Alaska and being my first visitor. We’ve had some amazing times together and I’m honored to share my Alaskan adventure with a friend. Memories are made on a daily basis but the past few days will not be forgotten memories. So grateful for time… 

I’m loading up on meat hoping to have enough food to last me through the summer. Here’s a couple pictures of my recent salmon. The native King came off the Kasilof River with a guide, Mindy. Mindy and her husband Reubin are amazing! They invited us back to their cabin on the river and we BBQ my salmon and had some of my deer meat and apples and they offered me free fishing and housing for tree felling. Good thing I have plenty of experience and a brand new Stihl chainsaw! My Alaskan family… Thank you! You guys are amazing people! Your generosity is inspiring and I’m honored to be a part of your life. Much love brothers and sisters! 

I wish you could all come visit me and experience it for yourself. Please know that you’re all welcome at any moment. I’m here. Until then… 

“I’ll see you a little farther up the creek.” 

2 thoughts on “Love this Life

  1. Nate dogg! I love you like a brother. My life is full of joy from my experience with you up in AK. You have done nothing but show me the joy in what you have seen and done up here! I love you brother. I will never forget these 5 days!

    Love u man!



  2. What a wonderful experience great people and such a beautiful place on our earth. I am so excited to visit this amazing part of our planet.


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