Bethel, AK

I made it to the Bush… The Eve before my first bear hunt with my bow. Can’t complain, fireside moose steak. Talk about an Alaskan… Mr. Corey Tolliver is the real deal.  A trapper, hunter, fisherman who lives the Alaskan lifestyle. The closest person to a Cutthroat I’ve met so far in Alaska. We’re about to head into the real Bush of Alaska, off the Grid for sure. We’re hoping to shoot a couple beer. Corey has a wolf, several fox, marten, otter, beaver and a couple musk Ox hides hanging in his garage. So cool to listen to his stories in -60 degrees in snow nearly freezing to death in blizzards. A completely different lifestyle than most of the people I’ve met. The only way into Bethel is by plane or boat. There’s 1 paved road and very little dirt roads. We’ll be taking a boat up river to camp out for possibly a week. No cell service and no internet!! Looking forward to that!  Wish me luck! I hope you’re all well! 

2 thoughts on “Bethel, AK

  1. Sounds like another important person you are building a strong relationship with on your journey. Thinking and praying for you and Corey. Peace and much love.

    Tom Truong, PCC Certified Professional Coach Life, Leadership, and Teams “Be a Champion, Be EPIC”

    Phone: 425-343-5696



  2. What an adventure. I had sent you a text and was concerned I hadn’t heard from you now I know why. Glad you made it there safely. Good luck with your hunt tell Corey hi when you return. Will be anxious to here from you on your return trip. Love Mom


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