Mr. Devlin 

Mr. Devlin… The word Devlin can be translated to the word, “Fierce.” This young man is beyond fierce. He’s a warrior. All life’s battles he’s fighting.. AND winning! I’ve watched him loosen up and expose his true self. His spirit and kind love is present. I’ve watched him smile more and more over the past week. That in itself is a gift. My eyes have swolen several times watching a quiet, hurt, struggling young man smile. We’ve laughed so hard! The laughter medicine is one I’ve been missing as well.  Thank you my friend for bringing me a major dose! He’s a teenager and as I’ve cruised through my life I’ve “grown” to become an adult with responsibilities. It seems I’ve lost a piece of my youth. Devlin is still “childlike.” This term can be used negatively, although, with Devlin, it’s a beautiful thing! Much to some of yours surprise, I need to be reminded how to be more childlike AND responsible. This journey to Alaksa has become so much more than I imagined or dreamed of. I’ve seen a lot of the world, met amazing people, spent months on adventures, yet this Alaska adventure is one of a kind. Each journey I’ve traveled has been unique in its own way. Alaska… It’s not as foreign to me, yet foreign beyond my knowledge. It truly feels more like a home than any place I’ve traveled. The mountains, the rivers, the lakes, the ocean and the wildlife are beyond words. Combined with the most amazing people I’ve spent time with in the “United States of AMERICA.” It’s a different way of life here for sure and one I’ve searched for, for a long time. I wasn’t sure a place like this even existed, especially in the great land of America. A lot of Alaskans feel like it’s not really part of the “lower 48” and it’s not. Just like Hawaii and Puerto Rico are so much different, Alaska is a country of its own with its own living culture! I absolutely love it!! 

We’ve been sidelined from what we were thinking as far as adventure, due to rain and a down tent. We looked for poles but I guess there’s something else in store. We will walk into this adventure head on. We will take on whatever’s in store. At this point, our time together is coming to an end. I will drop Devlin off on Monday the 10th. I’m sure we’ll cross paths again, but for now, Alaskan adventure here we come! We’re taking my boat across the bay from Homer and setting up a shelter on an island. He’ll teach me to hunt with a spear, we’ll build a smoker and be alone on the Pacific Ocean. Solitude! As I listen to Devlin’s stories, I’m blown away. What I watched on NatGeo or Discovery about whales, walrus and polar bear is much more than a TV show. It’s a living ecosystem. They all exist to give and take from one another. The Eskimo culture that I’m learning and growing to love, is one of the wild mammals, yet rarely shown on NatGeo. They are just as much one with the seals as they are with each other. The polar bears benefit from the whales as much as the villagers. The circle of life is at its best, which doesn’t leave any room for Walmart. The best part, the “all natural, organic, gluten free” food they feed their village with (literally) is FREE. The only cost is time and hard work. And everyone has a part to play. Men, women and children help in some way. There’s the real definition or experience of community. Not a painted sign surrounded by pretty flowers where neighbors don’t talk to each other. Team work, you ever imagined that word used with the word neighbors… 

When I drop Devlin off for his 2 week bible camp, I’ll have been in Alaska 11 weeks. I’ve learned a lot, seen a lot and made some friends I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. I have a much better understanding of what “being Alaskan” actually means. I believe it’s time for me to step into the Wild, alone. My plan is to step out into the woods as I’ve been planning and preparing for, for some time now. It is time… I look forward to it, AND I have some fear. I know this, I won’t let fear stop me.  Fearlessness combined with awareness and faith, hopefully produces safety/success. The next few days with Devlin will be a nice introduction to Alaska without the comforts of what I’ve come to find as luxuries. Although, what I’ve found, it’s not a pizza, a flight over the ocean or a bed. It’s friendships, companionship and laughter thats luxurious. The hardest part about being alone in the wild is being alone. I hope to stay focused on the Alaskan Scouts and the two central characters in the story I’m going to share with the world. It’s imperative that I go through this to translate it to each and every one of you. Many thanks for all your blessings and prayers. I feel them, for real. This is just too good to be true… And, the best is yet to come…

One thought on “Mr. Devlin 

  1. Enjoyed reading about this adventure. Nice pictures. So glad you have had this time to learn more about the real Alaska. Stay safe, hope the weather will be sunny and bright. Look forward to seeing what you encounter next. Have fun stay SAFE!!! Love Mom


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