Happy Birthday Hoggie!

Brandon Lewis “Hoggie” Hoglund. July 14th 1977-August 20th 2015. 

“I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have kept the faith.” 

My brother, not a single day goes by that I don’t think about you throughout the day. So many things remind me of you and every time, it feels like I lose you again. I’ve never missed something or someone so much. As we approach a year, I thought it would get easier, yet it seems that some days are more difficult. There’s so many things that are missing from life without you in it. It would take a week to write all the things I miss. Although, there’s one that stands out the most. Living in the wild Alaska for the last 12 weeks I’ve had plenty of great experiences. I’ve spent some time with new and old friends, family and spent plenty of time alone. I’ve found that the times alone are the toughest. I believe the medicine that lacks during those times is laughter. It’s amazing what laughter brings to one’s soul. And if there’s one thing I know, you were the best at bringing it out. I’ve never known another human being who brought smiles from people so easily. It was one of your greatest gifts my friend. It’s truly missed by so many. I remember being in a tough place in life and you helped me through it solely with your presence. You instantly made me smile and every moment we shared we were laughing. Today, there’s a void where the laughter once had flown rapidly. A void that will never be filled or replaced. Losing you my friend, I truly lost a piece of myself. I know you’re in Heaven now looking down and I’ve felt your protection during  pivotal moments. Thank you for always loving me. I love you more than can be told. Your inspiration continues to live inside of me, in memories of who you were while living on Earth. An all around wonderful person and the best friend anyone could ask for. As I celebrate your birthday and reflect on last year’s phone call, I’m comforted in knowing that the last thing I ever said to you is something I’ve continued to say daily. 

I miss you man. I love you brother. 

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Hoggie!

  1. Well said words from the heart. So many wonderful memories and times spent together. True friends for ever. Great pictures. Love Mom


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