Where the river meets the sea…

(An old post that never made it)

After spending the morning boating trough rain and slight fog, Devlin and I crossed the Bay from Homer and drove the coast line. We found so many beautiful places! As we made our way towards the open ocean, the seas started acting up. So, we turned around and found a safe cove to motor up. It was a -3.1 tide, for those of you who don’t know what that means… “Super” low!  I hit a rock with the prop and thought we were in for it. I carry 2 spare props but still, not what I wanted to spend my time doing. It was fine and we continued on. As we ventured up “river” (the tidal lands are vast and little streams/creeks/rivers cut their way through the rock and sand), we spent several hours paddling up the streams and finally made it to the end of the bay. Much to our surprise… Someone had built a wood platform for public use.. Wait what!!?? Situated with the most incredible view! Honestly, we put in at 9:30am and at 3pm my attitude was getting bent out of shape. For a minute, I thought we’d never find a place to camp and we did all the paddling for nothing.  The tide was coming up and finally we could access the beach (rock cliffs). Although, as it seems to always work out, it did, on a huge level. The tide rises so fast here, you wouldn’t believe it. Now the bay that was solid earth is covered with water. Yes, set up the GoPro on time lapse. Insane! So incredibly peaceful. Seriously one of the most solitude places I’ve been. I’m pretty sure we won’t be seeing anyone else up here. A little piece of Heaven on Earth! So blessed!! 

Night #1

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