There’s no place like home…

Alaska certainly is a beautiful place. Although coming home, even for just a little while, has been an absolute blessing! The weather has been attitude changing. I’ve loved spending time in the rivers, the pool with my nieces, nephews and friends! Stars at night, T-shirt and shorts (at 10pm) and most of all… Friends and Family! 

The sun actually goes down this time of year at just the right time. The mountains reach up into the sky, the rivers flow at a perfect speed to float, the laughter hangs in the air and the campfires burn into the night. It truly doesn’t get any better! 

Family time has come to an end… It’s hard to leave. I already miss everyone so much! I’ll have some friends with me the next couple weeks so it’s not really over, just heading north…

I’ll be back on the island for a while so no internet. I’ll try to post as often as I can. Hope you are all well! 

Until next time… 

Getting our crab on…


Beach fires and sunsets with family… Does it really get any better? 

Mutiny Bay, Whidbey Island

Army men in the sand… Wait, are those Alaska Scouts…? 

Home away from home…

My niece Kylie!! 

Mt. Baker

Whidbey Island, WA

Washington Ferry

One of my best friends Billy Turner took Brody for a ride in the fire truck and he even got to shoot water! 

Kane and Brody…

94 year old grandfather and his great grandson Brody…

Brody and Kane Hoglund

My little buddies… Kane and Kruz Hoglund

Happy 18th birthday Kylie! 

Crazy uncle Nate! I got a new nickname… “Mountain Man.” 

Digging for clams with family. My nephew Brody loves to dig! 

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