Waiting on fog 

Well, I made it to Bethel. Spent most of the day yesterday weighing our gear and breaking it down for pilots. We have weight restrictions on our charter plane so we can’t be over weight. So excited to get off the ground this morning! When the sun rose around 8am we noticed fog… That’s the worst thing to see when you’re trying to fly out. We received a call from the outfit that’s flying us out and we were informed that we would have to wait for the fog to clear. So we did. Well, a couple hours turned into several hours, several hours turned into a day. So, we’re praying that we can fly “safely” tomorrow into Russian Mission. It’s been raining and the forecast calls for serious rain the next few days. No big deal. When you get this opportunity in life, nothing can stop you from enjoying this it… Except fog. Let’s hope we can fly out in the morning and all goes as planned. We will be out of cell service for 8 days. Hoping we can survive safely in the bear infested lands of the Yukon River! 

Killing some time today we visited a local native shop and ran across some interesting books… Written by Jim Rearden. Had a home cooked fresh Homer halibut fish and chips dinner! Amazing! Here we go! Ready for moose! 

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